Friday, April 1, 2011

spring combinations

Yea!!!  I feel that spring has officially sprung in Hood River.  Forsythia always announces that spring is on it's way, but when the Plums & the Daffodils are in bloom it's official!!!!  All the flowering trees & shrubs are now going to herald their happiness, as well. Now that there is a little sunshine I'm on my way to my vegetable garden.  But that is not what I want to write about today.  I admit that I tend to be a little depressed with all the rain, and I left out the early spring bloomers.  One of my favorites in my garden is the Arabis or maybe you know it as Rockcress.  It starts early when the Forsythia shows it's first bloom and lasts a long time, long into April.  My favorite combination with it is the Chionodoxa.  It's a bulb that blooms at the same time.  If you like blue & white it's lovely.  Add any Daffodil and you can't go wrong.  The huge benefit with this is that it is very drought tolerant.  And last but not least is that it is EVERGREEN.  It looks great all year.  Use it on the sunny side of your house and you will love it spring after spring.  OK.  I'll have to take a picture & post it.

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