Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow, snow, snow!  All you can do is plan for the spring ahead.  I'm currently working on a Commercial Design in The Dalles, and some changes for the Cathedral Ridge Winery.  I have to have patience and use my imagination.  I'm also bidding on the Water Front Park.....  along with 3 other landscapers......  I think I'll stop by Good News Gardening, and buy some seeds to start in my small greenhouse.  Lets see......  hmmmm......  Lettuce, Spinach & Thai Basil, and some regular Basil.  I chose Thai Basil because it's suppose to germinate & grow fast.  Happy Snow Shoveling.  I think I'll look at my pictures of La Ventana.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back from La Ventana

I'm back in Hood River, and excited that spring is getting closer everday.  Days are getting longer.  I wandered around my garden.  The Snowdrops are blooming.  That's certainly hopeful.  In my vegetable garden I have cilantro.....  That wonder herb.  Luckily the Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Mexicans use it in their cooking.  I try to make it stretch by making an easy salsa that I can put in all those cuisines.  Heat a metal pan, add garlic to taste, add chiles of choice dried or fresh, (I use whatever I have still from summer), and dried tomatoes from summer (this is optional) and roast them 'til soft.  You can add oil but I never do.  Put these in a blender, add a little water & blend.  At the end add a little cilantro.  I store in a small jar in the refrigerator for up to three weeks, but you know it goes fast.  I like to make it really spicy so I can punch any dish if I want to.  I learned this from a Mexican, and make it often.  Once you start using it you will add it to everything...... even Italian cooking if you take the cilantro out.  Yum!!